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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Larry Bucshon and our Crumbling Infrastructure

Outstanding pair of stories in the Sunday Courier and Press about infrastructure locally and nationally. Bucshon, as usual, was spectacularly nonsensical.

U.S. Rep. Larry Bucshon, R-8th District, a member of Mica's committee, acknowledged that "everyone knows we have an infrastructure deficit in this country'' and that funding levels are an ongoing issue.

"It's pretty clear that for decades we've gotten behind on keeping up with refurbishing our infrastructure,'' Bucshon said. "We're a little bit behind. We'll catch up but it's a matter of prioritizing spending at the federal level, and I think infrastructure is not only something that creates jobs but needs to be a priority for our country.''

Regardless, Bucshon expressed reservations about spending more money on infrastructure at this juncture, noting that he doesn't want to "borrow more money again and put that on the backs of our children and grandchildren.''

"How do you fund all the infrastructure we need when you're borrowing 42 cents of every dollar we spend?'' he asked, noting that nation's like China are funding their own projects with "interest on the loans we owe them.'

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