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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Democrats Cave Again


LorenzoStDuBois said...


I guess I "cave" every time I do the job my boss pays me to do.

Maybe Dems aren't caving. Maybe they're doing their good cop jobs.

But what do I know. I'm sure all of the brightest minds in Washington on Dem staffs are just stumped that compromising isn't working, and that they're just earnestly befuddled by those nasty Repubs.

MacLeodCartoons said...

Lorenzo - again, I take your point. I base 'caving' on the expectations of the poor saps who voted for them. One of my facebook commenters said the sign should be 'no spine'. But let's not kid ourselves - they're ALL working for the folks with the big bucks, not the women and men who walked the streets for them.

LorenzoStDuBois said...

Thanks for the reply.

I just think the narrative that the Dems are liberals at heart but don't have the will, nerve or wits to enact liberal policies is extremely dangerous and has been instrumental in neutering a liberal revolt.

Poor, earnest, good-hearted, well-intended, weak-willed Dems? ==> We need to try harder.

Corrupt, powerful, captured, be-lobbied, be-sinecured millionaire politicians who pretend to be liberal even though nothing beyond their words indicates they are?
==> Throw them out, 3rd party, etc.

Their entire strategy depends on the lie that they are fighting FOR us, however weakly.

Remember the inside stories about the Dem reaction when they lost their 60 seat majority? Relief that they got back their excuse to not hurt their donors.