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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Republican Attack on Planned Parenthood

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Anonymous said...

Money is fungible.

Mitch said...

"Money is fungible." let's cut that money that provides contraception for so many...and use that money for ????

The Republicans are NOT cutting the budget for the military, but are cutting $2.6 billion in funding provided to care for America's veterans through the Veterans Administration and $70 from the Peace Corps. Yes, money is fungible and we see where the Republican priority lies.

MacLeodCartoons said...

Thanks Mitch!

Gansito Loco said...

Your not such a wise or even studied professor to not have really looked at what Planned Parenthood does or does not do.

The $363 Million that flows to PPFA would go to other organizations that DO support women's health, that DO perfom mammograms, and that DO provide TRUTHFUL information about pregnancy.

Have you ever looked at even one study on the connection between abortion and breast cancer?

To say that PPFA helps women's health is a crock. To say the money does not support their abortion business is a lot like believe a No-Smoking area in an open restaurant will only have clean air. Would you swim in a pool with a "No Peeing" area? Why then should we believe PPFA has a "No Abortion" account.

Despite feelings on abortion, contraception, ... This money can be better spent.

$363 Million to an organization that has over a billion in assets and perform ZERO mammograms for women is not money well spent.

Gansito Loco said...

The American Principles Project (APP) Wednesday criticized the Obama administration for allowing the elimination of $600 million for Community Health Centers while protecting funding for Planned Parenthood