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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Burn the Koran: Brilliant


Mitch said...

Great cartoon Professor MacLeod! It is sad that a country founded on the concept of religious freedom has citizens with such a narrow mind. It really disgusts me. Thanks for finding a way to bring this in front of people.

Anonymous said...

hinestly its not baised off of violance its just a few people who take it to far to preserve the religion its no different to what many dictators did in the past to wipe out a race because they thought tha t they were right and everything else was wrong. honestly its cartoons like these that disgust me. when you learn more about the people and the religion then you can make cartoons. im only a freshman in high school and yet i know that most of them are peacefull. my best friend is muslim and he is the nicest guy i know. not to be disrespectfull to your status in the community but please know more next time.

Erinyes said...

Right. Because burning a copy of the koran is EXACTLY the same as killing the Ambassador to Libya. Thaanks for the enlightenment for those of us who are tired of the any-excuse-to-murder "religion" to which WE are supposed to show tolerance. You people are a bunch of idiots.